Floor Levelling

At Robot Floor we can install floors to the strictest level of tolerance to allow minimal ground clearance. Flat floors allow robots to run unimpeded and at full speed.


Electro Static Dissipative Flooring. Robot Floor can provide solutions to reduce or remove the build up of static electricity. This can negatively impact the vehicle or products being distributed.

Hard Wearing Joint Free Floors

Robot Floor can provide entirely joint free floors over concrete and timber decks. This reduces any imperfections and allows the robot to run at full speed without risk to the truck or product.

Flooring for AMR Robots

Video Overview

Warehouses are changing and becoming fully automated, with multiple mezzanines and robots. AMR/AGVs are working 24 hours picking and packing to ensure our consumer demands are satisfied

We have been continually trusted by some of the world’s largest brands and are passionate about the future of the robotic world.