Warehousing is changing – flooring solutions for AMR’s

Warehouse robot on agv floor

Behind doors, many eCommerce retailers are embarking on projects to move from traditional high bay racking systems to fully automated warehouses using AGV’s (automated guided vehicles) and AMR’s (autonomous mobile robots).

As our insatiable appetite for online retail continues to grow, so too are the companies supplying us. Warehouses are changing from conventional VNA with super high racking from ground to ceiling, using forklift trucks to move goods around, to collapsing the warehouse on its side, literally. Now, smaller multi-level mezzanines are being put in place with robots working 24/7 picking and packing.

The whole business model is changing too, from re-active to pro-active. Robotics use AI (advanced intelligence) to automatically spot trends like an increase in sales of certain products, that then change the manufacturing and ordering process on the back end. It can spot influx in demand. The robots start to move location and storage if items so they can be picked and packed quicker. It gives businesses an opportunity to be smarter and use AI to forecast and fill the warehouse, and ultimately sell more.

These are big projects and require companies to work together in collaboration to ensure when it goes live, it works. eCommerce can not afford downtime. The move to robotics is a massive infrastructure change project and requires mezzanine systems, adequate power, fencing and protection systems, internet capabilities, sprinkler systems and of course flooring that can withstand constant AGV / AMR traffic.

But it is not just about floor levels and flatness. It’s about floor finishes, antistatic qualities, abrasion factors, smoothness with zero joints. Its providing floors that are incredibly hard wearing with no sudden imperfections that will last the test of time.

In collaboration with other partners we can offer a complete solution. Its why we have been trusted by some of the world’s largest retail and blue-chip companies.

If your company is embarking on the move to robotics, contact us today to see how we can help.

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