Mezzanine Flooring for AMR’s – why flooring is critical to success?

Warehouse floors which operate AMR’s must be as seamless and imperfection free to ensure optimal performance. Even the smallest variation can put a robot off course, and if the robot’s QR code cannot be read, or is missed, it may halt the full AMR operation. This can lead to costly downtime and extra supervision.

Ground floor or mezzanine deck levels and tolerances are important to minimise rocking, loss of drive and pod clashing. However, one of the more important and lesser known quantities is the sensitivity of the robot with its optical tracking. This varies across robot brands and robot types. Some are very solid, whereas others are lighter and a little more prone to coming off track. The optical navigation/tracking is critical and it is vital the floor can withstand these sensitivities.

Robot Floor™ is a seamless floor system for mezzanine and concrete floors operating AMR’s. There are no floor seams, no floor transitions and the joints are negligible and have been thoroughly put to the test by various robot manufacturers. Other competitive systems, need to have small 2-3mm expansion gaps across the floor and that can be just enough to give a caster or drive wheel a slight knock off its path. When a robot comes off course it may lose locational awareness and just stop. This may arrest the full system as a means of protection. At the very least a protocol needs to be followed, to avoid huge transactional backlogs, which can be incredibly costly.

Mezzanine decks are manufactured to incredibly high tolerance levels, they are operational very quickly after Robot Floor™ is installed and can run without fault. However, as concrete floors can not be manufactured to precision tolerance levels like timber, it is on ground floor levels where floor tolerances can potentially cause issues. In which case we carry out detailed flooring surveys using a profilograph and lasers to map and measure the floor before employing corrective grinding, levelling screeds and even Robot Floor™ is installed directly onto concrete ground floors. To find out more about our hard wearing joint free floors, click here.

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